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Ash-Shahada Housing Association Limited Registered under charitable rules under the Industrial and Provident Services Act 1965.
Housing Association Registered No: c3843 registrar of Friendly Society Registration No: 25805R. Member: National Housing Federation.     
© Ash-Shahada 2010
Welcome to Ash-Shahada Housing Association, A registered social landlord, providing housing in hostels, flats and houses in the Lambeth and Southwark areas.  Ash-Shahada is a Muslim-led housing association - the first of its kind to be established in the UK in 1989.  Originally set up as a co-operative, the association was registered with the Housing Corporation (now the Tenant Services Authority) in March 1991. Currently we have 112 general needs homes and 55 hostel bed spaces. In addition we have a number of developments in the pipeline which will produce another 22 dwellings.
Vision Statement
Our aim is to be a well run, well managed and respected BME and Muslim-led housing association in the UK providing a unique and exemplary service to people, at least half of whom will be Muslim and in need of housing.
Mission Statement
To provide decent and affordable social housing and Housing Plus services in an effective, efficient and responsive manner, to meet the needs of Muslims and other ethnic minorities in our local communities.
What kind of housing do we provide ?
We provide housing in the London Boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark.  We have 62 permanent dwellings in management in Lambeth and 21 in Southwark. We also have 55 bed spaces in two hostels. There are a number of short-life properties that are currently being developed on a rolling programme.
Our tenants in permanent dwellings are on assured tenancies.  Tenants living in hostels or short-life properties have assured short-hold tenancies.
Annual Review
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